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If you own a small or medium sized business, you know the importance of keeping your customers up-to-date with the latest company news, offers, and developments.

Since Web 2.0 has flourished, this has become increasingly important, as the world’s largest companies increase their search engine optimization knowledge, interact with their customer base, and deal with customer queries and complaints over social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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The Social Media Ocean

The social media landscape has exploded since 2007 with hundreds of companies niching down into the smaller services as the ocean grows.



It can get quite confusing with which companies to use for your social media marketing efforts but at the end of the day, you will need to choose the main players in the game (Twitter, Facebook and Google+).

If you want to manage all of these social media accounts from one place, Hootsuite could be one of the most important tools to incorporate into your business. This web-based program can be accessed from your smartphone or tablet – effectively enabling you to streamline your marketing campaigns whenever you are away from the office.

It takes only a few minutes to set up a new Hootsuite account, and once you’re done, you will be able to manage your social media more effectively, create new marketing campaigns, and access statistics and reports.


Hootsuite was founded by Ryan Holmes, who serves as the company’s CEO.

Hootsuite Founder - Ryan Holmes

Hootsuite Founder – Ryan Holmes


The company was launched in 2008 and is based in Vancouver, Canada.


More and more of the world’s most successful companies are now using Hootsuite, including Virgin, Nintendo, Eurostar, IKEA, and Sony Music.


Since its small beginnings, the company has grown significantly. It now has over six million users around the world, with three million messages being sent every day through its easy-to-use and adaptable dashboard.


Hootsuite enables you to manage the social standing of your company from your iPad, iPhone or an Android device.

Want to manage all your social media accounts from one place?

No problem. Just access the Hootsuite dashboard and reply to customer complaints, share content, reply to private messages and comment on posts all from the same place.

Hootsuites Simple Dashboard

Hootsuites Simple Dashboard

No longer will you have to individually log into your Facebook or Twitter accounts – with Hootsuite, social communication is faster and more effective than ever before.

As well as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you will be able to manage your LinkedIn, Foursquare, WordPress, MySpace, and Mixi accounts whether you are in the office or on the go.

If you are wanting to create new social media campaigns to attract new customers and clients, maximize sales, and boost business, Hootsuite can help.

You will be able to schedule social media posts from the dashboard and schedule these posts for a particular time in the future. Click to see how…


You will be able to keep your accounts active and post content in relation to breaking news, global events, or industry developments all broken down into different feeds depending on your plan. Once you split your feeds, you can allocate these to different workflows and colleagues.

You can even upload a CSV spreadsheet to schedule social media posts over a prolonged period of time, saving you time and money.


If your blog or website is updated on a frequent basis, you can automatically update your social media accounts every time a new article is posted – allowing you to keep your customers up-to-date about your company, as well as any offers, promotions or discounts.

Other product features include support for more than ten different languages and URL shortening.

Schedule Posts in Hootsuite

Schedule Posts in Hootsuite

You can streamline these processes further by delegating duties to a particular member of your team. For example, if one member of staff is in charge of a particular marketing campaign or feed, you will be able to assign them tasks such as responding to direct messages or re-posting content across your social platforms.

You can even get plenty of statistics about whether your social campaigns are working or not. Hootsuite has built-in analytics so you can track the progress of your social accounts, and get weekly reports emailed directly to you.

This is a must for any small or medium sized business, and will allow you to fine-tune your current marketing campaigns, or plan even more effective campaigns for the future.


The main benefit of Hootsuite is the flexibility that it brings. You will be able to manage your social media accounts in one go, at a time that best suits you.

You can even add apps in the Hootsuite Apps Directory so you can manage other websites and programs such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Nimble, and Zendesk. The majority of these apps are free, although others may require a monthly fee.

+ Another benefit of the program is that you can choose a pricing level based on the requirements of your business.

Need to update only a few social profiles? That’s fine. With Hootsuite, you get to update five social accounts for free – ideal if you are a small business, or a new business that has just started.

+ Additional features are available at the ‘Pro’ and ‘Enterprise’ levels, including advanced security, customer support, unlimited apps, and, of course, the chance to manage as many social media accounts as you want.

+ Hootsuite is also extremely easy-to-use, making it ideal for small businesses who have trouble managing all of their social media accounts. As a web-based program, you will be able to access Hootsuite from most web browsers, and there are even extensions on Firefox and Google Chrome.

+ There are also a number of ways you can get in touch with a member of staff if you have a query about the program, or just need some additional help when accessing all of the features available to you. As you would expect from a program that deals with social media, Hootsuite itself is available on a plethora of social networking websites, and you can also contact a customer representative via email or directly through their official website.

The benefits of Web 2.0 for a small or medium business have been well-documented, and sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Foursquare can be a powerful marketing tool when communicating with your existing customer base, and attracting new customers and clients to your sites.

Streamline this process and make it easier with Hootsuite; not only will you be able to manage your social accounts quickly and effectively, but you will be able to create new marketing campaigns based on the valuable data and analytics that are provided to you from within the dashboard.



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