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An in-depth Pipedrive Review


Urmas Purde (Head of the customer experience)

Ragnar Sass (Head of partnership and Human resources)

Martin Hark (Head of product management)

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Year Launched: 2011.

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Latest news and interesting facts:

Unlike most other CRM solutions success stories in the market, pipedrive was not founded by tech savvy developers. But rather by business professionals who had for a long time become extremely dissatisfied with the mediocre functionality of the CRM solutions of that time, particularly when it came to sales pipeline management.

With a burning zeal to make lasting changes in this industry, these three men teamed up with several highly talented developers, and Pipedrive was launched.

With the brilliant vision and clear-cut business strategy, these founders eventually went on to gather $3.4 million worth of seed money for the web development end of things for their newly launched enterprise. Which is by all means pretty impressive for an online startup.

Pipedrive Inc. currently has 32 employees and several offices in all corners of the world such as Estonia, Canada, UK, US and Brazil.

PipeDrive Headquarters

PipeDrive Headquarters

Exactly one year ago, this firm received an additional investment boost from TMT Investments PLC, a company that primarily concerns itself with investing in high growth online-based firms. TMT Investments had previously made an initial investment $325,000 in July 2012. And like earlier mentioned, on September 2013 made a second investment to the tune of $450,000.

This is naturally a huge boost to Pipedrive which goes a long way to bear testament to the confidence it has been able to instill in its various partners as well as over 30,000 users worldwide.

Company size (revenue): $650,000 per annum

What’s the Product?

Pipedrive Inc. offers a product they themselves call a “sales pipeline management application” or better known as a CRM solution. This product  primarily focuses on going out of its way to assist sales managers and their teams, optimize and fully automate all their critical operations.

Indepth Sales Analytics

Pipedrive is widely acclaimed for its unmatched capabilities in offering in-depth sales process analytics & diverse process improvement suggestions for its customers. In essence, this software can effortlessly give a crystal clear overview of the sales pipeline.

PipeDrive Review of Dashboard

PipeDrive Review of Dashboard

Its user interface comes with the power to display on an individual basis, all the sales deals a company is working on and more importantly, the various stages of the sales process they are in.

Productivity Weapon for Mangers

For sales managers, Pipedrive permits them to comprehensively appraise their team’s productivity and efficiency in a very hassle-free manner. While also enabling them to zero-in on the critical deals, and allocate their resources efficiently, managers will have the piece of mind and deal escalation that they have always wished for.

Sales Dashboard

This application comes with an excellent sales reporting functionality which goes under the name of the sales dashboard. This feature offers a very easy to understand visual representation of diverse sales data all on a single page, added for convenience and divided into different key categories.

They have a sleek dashboard, similar to the one in the Hoostuite review

Critical Sale Metrics

The sales department can effortlessly access results based on activity, FTEs or company metrics like the total number and exact dollar value of all deals added as well as current successfully completed sales activities for the month.

This product also facilitates for a more comprehensive understanding of the critical sales pipeline metrics such as total number of new deals added at any given time or average age of all open deals. Together with the specific stage by stage conversion data for all the deals a firm may have initiated at any time span.

Set and Track Goals

The sales dashboard also enables sales professionals to effectually set and track sales activity goals. Managers can easily set both individual or team activity goals and also monitor the deals as they move from one sales stage to the other. While also been in a position to effortlessly add new contacts whenever they are made. This sales reporting functionality also facilitates for convenient viewing of results in real-time.

Project Pipeline

Project Pipeline

Customizeable API

Pipedrive boasts of a powerful API that permits users to fully customize its various features according to their distinct needs and preferences. For instance, you can be able to easily pull call lists and place them on the call center application your firm utilizes. Or even create new deals the minute a guest on your website fills a specific form.

Further this software can be seamlessly integrated with plenty other CRM systems as well as other vital business-oriented applications. Which makes it easier to sync critical sales data between diverse web apps.

Simple Interface

Pipedrive is also widely noted for its user friendliness and comes with many features that make its usage extremely straightforward. This of course includes the legendary “drag and drop” functionality that greatly simplifies making changes to data such as conveniently moving deals from various sales pipeline stages.

PipeDrive Dashboard

PipeDrive Dashboard

Pipedrive also comes with intuitive search filters. You can be able to configure it to show information for individual sales team members or the whole unit as well as those of specific products or services that your firm might be offering.

Finally, pipedrive also has an iOS app for Apple mobile devices. However, android users can still access its portal through their favorite web browser. This means you and your sales team can be in an excellent position to access all pertinent sales pipeline data from virtually anywhere you may be located globally.

PipeDrive Review

Pipedrive is designed to optimize the various functions of a dedicated sales department. With the in-depth sales data this product offers, your business can effortlessly identify the deals that really matter and quickly process them.

You can also rapidly obtain an enhanced perspective of their sales operations. This enables effectual sales pipeline management as well as heightened accuracy in making critical business decisions that can take such a firm to the next level.

Finally, such business’s can conduct their sales operations without the need for a bloated sales department due to effectual streamlining and automation of critical processes.