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Matt Mullenweg – Founder of WordPress

WordPress: Simplifying Online Publishing

WordPress is an online publishing platform, with more than 20% of the web credited to it. With a desire to bring this incredibly easy blog publishing platform into the open market, WordPress.com was born. This online publishing platform was originally created in 2005 by Matt Mullenweg, CEO and founder of WordPress’ parent company, Automattic.

Since then, strategic updates and new features have been added on a transaction by transaction basis. WordPress fancies themselves a school of thought rather than an aggressive revenue-growing business. This enables them to maintain a very broad sense of growth over time, rather than in spurts, netting them higher growth over all.

What’s New With WordPress?

In September of 2014, WordPress came out with the newest version, “Benny.” According to WordPress, “this release brings you a smoother writing and management experience we think you’ll enjoy.” Managing media and working with embeds has been made simpler than before. This platform seeks to find new and easier ways to give the public access to website and blog creation. With each new update, they add in more features, and really advance the platform with options tailored to the current trends.

With the auto-formatting tools brought in Version 4.0, creating content is less about finding the right font to fit the screen, and more about what the content is actually saying. Tracking features have also been adding, allowing you to keep updated on your readers. What posts to they like? Where are they frequently visiting? Additionally, location information can be found, such as where they’re from or how they found your site. This information is extremely helpful to businesses, since it will enable you to cater to that specific audience, further gaining their support. Check out their latest features here.

Valuable Options

As an online platform, WordPress already has a leg up on other software. Businesses and individuals are realizing the internet’s profound ability to increase their growth and awareness, and as such, are turning to packages like WordPress to help them easily achieve it. Because of these valuable options provided, the company itself has become incredibly valuable, at $1.16 billion in April of 2014.

There are advantages to be had from this platform, and with a few simple moves, any business or individual can start adding value to their own company. Powering over 20% of the web makes WordPress the authority on all things internet, and can offer significant worth to users.

How Can WordPress Help Your Business?

There are so many ways that an online platform can assist businesses and individuals. But, there are even more ways that WordPress can assist. Here are some of the ways WordPress is helping individuals all over the world increase their market value.

  • Those Without A Website: Businesses without a website are perhaps the greatest benefiters of a site like WordPress. The ability to instantly create a presence on the web is essential to staying on top, and even growing. In order to increase your value in the market, a web presence is essential. WordPress helps out by providing incredibly easy and professional templates for users to choose from and customize.
  • Those Whose Website Is Lacking: The other set of individuals and businesses that are helped by WordPress include those individuals who have a website, but that website isn’t helping their business. Either they don’t have the time to devote to constant updates, or they don’t have the money to pay someone to complete those constant updates.

The best part about WordPress is that it’s free! By cutting out the cost of this online platform, users don’t have to hem and haw over the decision to use it. Cost aside, the next step is simplicity. A basic, professional website is what the majority of the public needs, and WordPress does that by providing easily interchangeable themes, plugins to extend functionality, simple update options, social engagement, and search engine optimized.

  • Themes: Colors, backgrounds, and formatting styles can be customized at the click of a button. The simplicity allows website creators to choose the style that fits their business, with thousands of options available. With this availability, your website won’t just look like ten thousand others!
  • Plugins: With over 10,000 plugins available, things like social media sharing, SEO, and images are made significantly easier.
  • Simplistic Updating: Need to add a new article to your site? Click new post and go! WordPress encourages frequent new content, and makes it easy to figure out how.
  • Social Engagement: The WordPress platform is supported by an incredible community of thriving and engaged individuals. This means that more options are available when you have questions or answers. The solution is mere minutes away with a quick Google search.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Google loves WordPress-based websites, and it’s easy to see why. Because of their ease of use, they are updated far more frequently. We all know how much Google favors fresh content. Knowing the benefits of WordPress sites, and how much they are used by individuals who truly believe in the product or idea they are posting, Google even recommends WordPress for business websites.
  • Tracking: Tracking is essential when attempting to grow a business. Whether a blog or website, you need to know who is viewing your page, where they are from, and how they found you. This information is helpful in pointing your content towards that audience. With maps and graphs that present your statistics, WordPress makes tracking users seem fun.
  • Mobile Options: Not only are WordPress pages optimized for mobile viewing, but they are also optimized to allow mobile editing! Want to post on the go? No problem. There are apps available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

The Simple Solution To Your Online Presence

WordPress works hard to make sure their users are getting the most out of the product. This shows in their functionality and ease of use. In fact, corporate giants such as Forbes.com even utilize WordPress, truly giving the public a basis to choose this product. The absolute best part about this online platform is the cost – it’s free! The only thing a business has to lose is time. Whether you have a website already, or are merely considering the option, WordPress is an excellent choice.

How to get started with WordPress?

With our friends at BlueHost’s help we have developed a little guide to get you started with your wordpress journey. You can learn the simple steps that it takes to get your site up and running fast.

Check them all out here

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  2. How to install WordPress
  3. How to install a theme
  4. How to create a page
  5. How to create a post
  6. How to create a user
  7. An overview of the Settins in wordpress
  8. How to enable video in worpdress
  9. How to edit an existing post
  10. and the dashboard overview.