GeckoBoard Review – The Board of Choice

All the info you need in the palm of your hands!

All the info you need in the palm of your hands!

Co Founder: Paul Joyce

Co Founder: Rob Hudson

Since its launch in 2010, Geckoboard has done nothing but dominate. What started as a two man company that has since grown all the way to 12 employees. All boasting about an amazing fun and enjoyable work environment.

The site is always looking for new creators and welcomes applications with open arms. A strong growing company with a powerful team that is fully dedicated to this software and its success. They ensure you get all the information you need set to your dashboard to help your business succeed.

Geckoboard is a dashboard application that takes all the necessary information, stats, number reports, and almost all useful data you could use to help a business track themselves. The keep you informed on real time sales figures, alerts, web analysis, or your own proprietary data.

In today’s high speed world a server going down, or a disconnection, or any kind of interruption happens and it’s not the most unimaginable thing in the world. However how fast you are alerted and how fast you address it can make all the difference.

Whats Happening Now

Geckoboard monitors all key metrics, and gives you immediate knowledge when something needs to be addressed. It presents it all to you in a user friendly dash board that is easy to customize with the widgets of your choosing. So you can focus on everything in the order you wish.

Its low monthly rates starting at just $17.00 a month, makes it an easy and obvious choice for most business’s in the field. There are competitors but Geckoboard soars high above them in every class for a number of reasons.

The information Geckoboard compiles can easily help you keep up to date on your most important figures. It helps you and your investors keep an eye on data as it flows naturally. This information can help you make wise, and well fact driven decisions on the fly.

Instead of guessing and estimations, it keeps all the data up to date and easily accessible, making it simple to propel your business forward.

Loss of Service Data

Interruption of service is a horror story in our world. Facebook was down for less that 20 minutes, and in that time #facebookdown became the most used hashtag on twitter as the nation was panicking.

So losing your service could easily mean the same scared and fleeting reactions from users, as well as cost you business for every second it is down. Geckoboard can help prevent that, to show you the red flags as your data starts to drop you’ll see you’re not outputting. With an immediate notification you can rush for an immediate solution.

That is why Geckoboard sets up all the necessary monitoring stats right in front of you, convenient, accessible, and understandable. Geckoboard translates complex algorithms into easy to read graphs so that any user can monitor.

So why risk it when you can guarantee to keep yourself ahead of the curve?

Geckoboard compiles all the data flowing in to help you organize it. Geckoboard takes what used to be a guesswork and man monitored position, and puts it on your desktop, or if you so desire the mobile app puts it in the palm of your hand.

They focus on convenience from the smallest of business, to the largest of corporations. A piece of software made for all users in all fields. Constantly feeding you live updates, with no delay.

A hard to achieve statement but completely true. 

Their dashboard is what truly separates them from everyone in the field. The simplicity of the set up gives the user the ability to customize it to what they want and need.

An easy to understand dashboard, full of only the widgets you wish to keep on it to help your business thrive. No unnecessary clutter, no distracting flows that you don’t need to read, and no trying to decipher the information you didn’t want.

The ability to make this application truly your own is what makes it so user friendly and so easy to chose over anything else out there. Your dashboard has no limits to any number or type of widgets. You can consider what you want be it the minimal you need to access data to help you make proper decision, or if you would rather see every angle you can at any given time.

Geckoboard leaves it all in your hands, for you to make the choices you need to succeed.

A little bit on pricing

Pricing is one of the interesting parts, for one user with one dashboard. It will only cost $17.00 a month. An easy affordable cost for any starting or small business that would then be able to track everything to help itself springboard into the future.

Then of course the larger your company, the more access you will need. Packages slowly climb up in price but each step adding more access through your network. So you can chose the team you want monitoring this. The second largest is $359.00 a month but with that comes 20 users, and unlimited dashboards. The only higher is for enterprise requirements, and for that you have to contact Geckoboard they will then negotiate and help set up what is right for you.

So everyone in the business world should be considering Geckoboard right now. They are an amazing company that thrives on making you thrive. A small business can take this easily obtainable resource and sky rocket into a business that only dreams could have taken them to before.

With this much info on hand turning your value up and seeing exactly where you need to make adjustments to receive better output has never been this simple.

It can take you to a new level and allow investors to see exactly how serious you are, and exactly how well your business has been putting out.

Getting Geckoboard is like hiring a team of data analyst with the push of a button. All the information, facts, and proof you need without all the hassle.