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Find those hidden gems with this SEMRush Review:

Hidden GemsKeeping up with the latest Google algorithms, social signals, and search trends can be difficult if you own a small or medium sized company – especially if you have a small group of staff.

Of course, you’ll want to develop high-impact marketing campaigns in order to advertise your product and services, and increase the visibility of your brand on the net.

However, you’ll also need to focus on other aspects of your business tool. That’s where using an SEO tool like SEM Rush (known as SEMrush) can come in handy.

Keep Up To Date

This platform lets you keep up-to-date with your SEO without any fuss, so you can make your website or blog rank higher in organic and paid-for searches.

SEMrush keeps you updated with how well your website is doing online, and you can use this information to make any necessary chances, or remove elements of your site that are causing you to be penalized on the SERP.

Remember, time is moneys!

Time is Money


Oleg Shchegolev serves as the CEO of SEMrush.

Oleg Shchegolev

Year Launched

SEMrush was founded in Russia in 2010, and has increased in popularity since it was first set up. The company is now based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Latest News and Interesting Facts

The company recently launched a new ‘domain vs. domain’ service, whereby you can now compare the product ad listings of your competition side-by-side. You can find out how well your website is performing when compared to your competitors.

Company Size

SEMrush is a small company with around 10 members of staff who are working on developing SEO tools and software.


The first thing you will notice about SEMrush is the main dashboard, which consolidates all the information you need onto one easy-to-use screen.

SEMrush Dashboard

Here you’ll find data about organic and advertising research, backlinks, keyword research, link building, link generation, search rankings, and other valuable information.

What makes the software great is that it’s so easy to navigate around; you won’t waste time looking for a particular dataset or feature, and will find most of the information that you will need on a day-to-day basis right there on the main dashboard.

Keyword AnalysisYou’ll also get access to live updates on how well your website is doing when it comes to SEO. This includes reports about how well (or how badly) your keywords and phrases are performing in real-time.

Find out which words and phrases are generating the most traffic, and which ones just aren’t resonating with potential customers at all. All metrics and analytics are generated from various search engines, so you’ll be able to find out which keywords are performing well from the most important sources out there.

With SEMrush, not only can you see how well your keywords are performing, but you can also check out the competition. For example, compare your keywords with those competitors in your niche in order to fine-tune your campaigns and attract more customers and clients.

The competitive keywords research tool will estimate the traffic that this competition is generating, as well as how much they are spending on advertising. You can even find out the search volume they are expected to receive from the keywords and phrases that they are using.

All you need to do to use this feature is provide SEMrush with the URL of a website that you want to research, before being provided with a whole host of valuable metric information for both organic and paid advertising.

Search Bar

Another useful feature is being able to find out which other companies are also using the same keywords as you. Use this data to see if these keywords are working for them, and if they are using these keywords more effectively than you are.

You might even decide that your current keywords are better suited to your competition for whatever reason, and fine tune your current campaigns accordingly.

Alternatively, you may want to contact these companies and see if they would accept paid advertising from your website in order to increase the visibility of your brand.

Grow Your Business With SEMrush!

You’ll find SEMrush a great tool when taking your online marketing to a new level. Even if you don’t have the staff to monitor your SEO 24 hours a day, the program will do everything you need to automatically – saving you a lot of time, money and hassle.

Excellent Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, there are a number of ways you can converse with a member of staff if you need some technical help, or want to find out about how to use a particular feature.

Customer ServiceContact a customer representative via email, or request a callback – all directly from the dashboard.

There’s also a blog which is updated on a regular basis, and is jam-packed full of helpful hints and tips when it comes to using different features in SEMrush.

The company also has a significant presence online themselves, with dedicated Twitter and Facebook pages. Use these to contact staff or find out more about their services and other industry developments.

Amazing Amount of Insight

SEMrush collects data for over 45 million domains and 95 million keywords, and provides you with information about search volume, domains, landing URLs, AdWords, CPC, and search results. What’s more, you can customize this information so that you only see the data that interests you.

Compare up to five domains at the same time in your chosen niche, giving you more information than ever when it comes to comparative analysis. Find out which keywords that your competition are using that could be of benefit to your own business – giving you greater insight into other industry leaders.

Crazy SEO Opportunities

When it comes to SEO, finding out about your competition can provide you with a great insight into how well your own website or blog is performing.

SEMrush provides you with valuable data about keywords that your competitors are using, and how they might be targeting their demographic much more effectively than you are.

Using this data, you can make changes to the keywords you are using, as well as concentrating on areas of your website that might need some improvement.

Keywords are Great