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WebCEO Review

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Web CEO Online is an international leader is SEO software, making it easier for you to find the datasets you need for your marketing campaigns.

With its easy-to-use dashboard, you can track various different campaigns at the same time – ensuring that your websites have the very best chance of appearing on the front page of Google’s SERP.

Choose from a number of different price packages depending on the needs of your business, and access different tools which give you better insights into how well your website is actually doing when it comes to search engine optimization.

The pricing chart as of March 2015:

WebCEO Pricing Chart

What’s more, you can assign different staff in your business with various responsibilities. For example, you can assign reports to sales staff, or give other members of staff access to limited data.


Web CEO Online was founded in 1992 as Radiocom, before changing its name.


Web CEO Online was launched in 2000, and is based in London, United Kingdom.


As of August 2013, Web CEO Online had over 890,000 users who had registered for its desktop SEO software, and 103,000 users who had registered for its cloud-based SEO tool (which was launched in 2011).


Web CEO Online is a medium-sized business, with around 150 employees.

WebCEO Service

Easy Customization & Search Functionality

It’s easy to customize the data that you want to receive with Web CEO. You can choose from concise reports about your keywords and phrases (and how they are attracting traffic to your pages), or access more detailed reports about site rankings and which search engines you’re traffic is being directed from.

Search by tagged keywords or webpages, or run an audit of your website to find out which pages are doing the best, and which ones need some more help.

Social BuzzSocial Search

One of the best features of Web CEO is the Social Buzz tool. Since Web 2.0 became popular, social signals are imperative when determining how well your website or blog is doing.



Now you can search social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to find trends and generate even more traffic. This tool is simple to use, and will provide you with a valuable amount of data that you can use for your current SEO campaign, or when coming up with new marketing campaigns for the future.

If you want to increase the visibility of your business brand online, Web CEO provides you with all the tools you need to improve your search rankings and generate more clients and customers. Using this information can help you increase sales and profits, and attract more visitors to your pages over a prolonged period of time.

The backlink quality checker enables you to determine how well your backlinks are doing when it comes to generating traffic. You can also access a number of widgets in order to check the popularity of your pages, and find out which pages are doing the best on Google rank.

Any backlinks that are causing your website harm when it comes to SEO (and jeopardizing your chances of moving up the SERP) are identified with this tool, and you will be able to quickly remove them from your pages.

WebCEO Review

Every business wants to attract more customers if they are selling a product or service. One of the easiest ways to attract new visitors to your pages is via search engine optimization – the process whereby you increase the visibility of your website or blog on search engine rankings. Web CEO is a tool that simplifies this process, and provides you with the information you need for your campaigns. Here are some of the other features of the software:

Keyword Generator

Keyword generator will suggest some other keywords and phrases that could be of benefit to your site. These keywords are based on popular search trends that are used by individuals when looking for information online.

Use this data to fine tune the keywords that you are currently using, and remove any tools that are no longer providing your business with the results that you need.

Keyword Comparison

Compare your keywords with those that are being used by your competitors in order to gauge the best search terms in your chosen niche. Find out if your customers are using search terms that direct them to other websites, and use this information to increase the visibility of your pages on search engines.

This comparative analysis is easy to set up and use, even if you don’t have an extensive knowledge of the subject. You’ll be presented with different graphs that compares the rankings of your website with those of your competition, as well as information on keyword popularity, and number of backlinks.

You will even be able to find out where your competition is getting backlinks from – another important tool when trying to boost your own search rankings.

Amazing Customer Service

Web CEO is renowned for the customer service that it provides. You can contact a member of staff by email or live chat if you have a query, or just need some technical help about how to use a particular feature.

Expect a prompt reply from a customer representative when submitting a query. In addition, you can find a blog which is updated on a regular basis, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions page, which will provide you with a solution for any problem that you might have.

Web CEO can also be found on social media, where you can find out about the latest software features and industry news.

Change is Constant

SEO can rapidly change, and in recent years there has been a greater emphasis placed on social media when determining the ranking of your website on the SERP.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you keep up-to-date with the latest trends and queries that users are searching for when finding websites like yours.

The Social Buzz tool from Web CEO is a great way to find out more about social signals that can bring in more customers to your site, and can be beneficial when incorporating Twitter, Facebook, or Google + into your marketing campaigns.