DIY SEO (UpCity) Review

Diy SEO review

SEO by DIYSEO or UpCity

UpCity which was founded as DIYSEO is a software company which works around developing innovative solutions aimed at helping companies succeed in optimizing their websites. By 2009, most entrepreneurs and business executives had already succumbed to the urgency achieving web presence imposed on businesses.

To avoid being left behind, most of them developed websites but would later be surprised to learn that it does not end with achieving web presence. In fact, to generate substantial proceeds from their keyword ventures, most of them realized that it was worthwhile integrating SEO and web development instead of handling each one of them independently.

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The founders of DIYSEO wanted to tap into this market of upcoming and even experienced Internet Marketers. Putting it into mind that SEO is a wide field, most Internet Marketers outsource their search engine optimization needs to companies which specialize in offering the service.

However, it is not always economically feasible for a company to outsource SEO and especially if it is startup which has not begun raking in the big figures. In this light, DIYSEO differed from what other companies were doing and begun developing an affordable tool to be used by people not so adept at search engine optimization.

DIYSEO or UPCity has SEO software designed for small businesses as well as agencies. The tool developed for small businesses helps them improve their Google rankings and at the same time keep tabs on their progress as they move up. Besides, the tool will help novice Internet Marketers learn SEO while personally optimizing their own web presence.

Apart from developing software which can be used as DIY platforms, UPCity also offers SEO services. If you feel that you have more important business to attend to, you can outsource SEO to the company. They promise on-site optimization, link building using white hat techniques and generation of blog content.