Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools – Essential for Webmasters

Google is one of the largest tech companies in the world, which has shaped and molded the current landscape of the internet. Their breakthrough search engine allowed for a much bigger expansion of websites of all kinds, thanks to the fact that the same websites could now be easily found by visitors.

Knowing that the process of search engine indexing and optimization is crucial for any website, the same company created Google Webmaster Tools, which is a web service designed to provide essential help to any webmaster.

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The same service is free and its core concept is to allow webmasters to examine their status of search engine indexing and to optimize the level of visibility. Because of this, Google Webmaster Tools provides features including submission and check the process of a website sitemap, the checking of crawler bots status and the examination of the way Google bots access any web page. Its features cover the creation of an important file called robots.txt and the discovery of pages that might be accidentally blocked to crawler bots.

Aside from these features, Google Webmaster Tools also allows for the listing of all pages that link to a particular website, broken links, and keyword searches that are employed in Google search engine. The last element is especially important because a majority of visitors come to any website through Google search and optimizing keyword listings might produce a much better rating. The same service can also take a certain domain and then test it against a predefined set of parameters, producing a result that can help in further SEO optimization.

Thanks to all these features, there is no doubt that Google Webmaster Tools represents an essential element in any webmaster’s toolkit. With the right information, its services can be used to great effect when it comes not only to SEO, but the general process of optimizing a website. Along with the notion that the Webmaster Tools are offered by Google as completely free, there is no reason why every webmaster should not have this service package at their disposal.