Web CEO Review

Web ceo review

The Sleeping Giant: Web CEO

Web CEO is one of those sleeping giant in the SEO space, they aren’t all that mainstream compared to Moz or SEMrush but with over 1 million customers, they are a force to be reckoned with.
They have grown in popularity mainly because of their softwares ability to perform automated, traffic analysis, keyword research, social metrics, rank tracking and internal link analysis checks. This software makes managing your website easy and simple.
They also offer free tools within their platform as a great onboarding process for new customers. Several experts in the field of SEO recognize Web CEO as one of the most reliable and high performance SEO software on the market.

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They help you focus on what is important for optimizing and ranking your site with the following categories:

Optimized Content

They focus on helping you achieve reach and quality for your content because everyone knows that your customers need relevant and quality content that either entertains, fixes a problem or leads them to a solution. This software does it all for you by ensuring that your site contains optimized and attractive content.

Keyword Research

The software enables you to find relevant keywords that will help build your authority and their tool will also uncover your competitors keywords as well. In other words, it carries out the necessary keyword research to determine the most appropriate and competitive keywords to help maximize your profits.  Its ability to carry out competitive research makes it the safest bet for your long term survival online.

Link Building

Building links and backlinks consumes so much of your time as a webmaster, it is therefore important that you find optimization software that makes managing your website simple and fast. What makes this software the best is its ability to automate link building for your site hence saving you a lot of time.

Plans and pricing

This web optimization software comes in great plans and affordable prices. Its developers offer a free trial that has almost all features including Logo, header, footer, color scheme, custom cover page text, images and background with no limited time and no credit card required. Other pricing plans apart from the free trial include:

– Startup Plan – $99 per month
– Corporate Plan – $199 per month
– Agency Fixed Plan – $499 per month
– Agency Unlimited Plan with discounts for 3 and 12 months subscribers

Web CEO saves you money and time and allows you to spend it on other important areas of the business such as high quality website hosting, marketing promotions and content development. It is explained by web optimization experts as the most complete web software package for all your website needs.