Raven Tools Review

Raven Tools Review

Raven Tools Software

Raven Tools is an online SEO toolkit that can be used by agencies and businesses of all kinds which can be used in all the stages of website promotion from keyword research to on-page optimization, SEO site auditing to link building and even high quality report generation.
I also have a full review of Raven tools here.
They were originally designed for SEO’s an webmsters, but now the software platform contains plenty of extra features such as Mailchimp integration, a Facebook page manager, Twitter tool, and PPC ad management features. These features make these tools a better option for other disciplines of online marketing.
Some of their most popular tools include:

Keyword Research Tool

This tool lets you get down and dirty keyword ideas from Adwords, WordTracker, and Wordstream. One unique feature is its integration with Textbroker that can help you bulk up your sites’ content for a reasonable price, ll within the same platform.

Traffic Dashboards

One of the best indicators of the effectiveness of your SEO is the number of visitors your website gets. Raven tools let you check any of the most common conversion metrics (link here) the bounce rates and the number of actual visitors brought by each keyword to your website

Link Building

The link manager is like a spreadsheet on steroids. It requires some manual work for adding targets and updating their statuses but will allow you to track ll proposed links which helps you focus on the highest quality links for your site.

Competition Analysis

Raven Tools contains two sections dedicated to competitive research: Website and Analyzers. They look at your competition and judge your own campaign’s success. You can also check out your competition and see their strengths and weaknesses.

Versions and Pricing

It is a subscription based software. It offers a 30 day free trial period. It comes with two versions Pro and Agency. The subscriptions are:

1. Pro is $99 per month and
2. Agency is $249 per month.
With the interfaces and reports are available in English only.


1. All in one system.

2. White labeling feature to look at the source of data.

3. It contains lot of third parties data.

4. It cuts down the amount of time spent on reporting, researching and marketing analysis.


1. Most of the features of Raven tools are limited to the customers based on their subscription level.

Raven Tools is the best all-rounder when it comes to SEO.