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Vocus (Cision Inc) is a software company based in Maryland, United States but serving customers the world over. This company may be best described as a business content marketer. The company specializes in offering PR and marketing solutions to businesses thus helping them to maximize their public relations with their clients basically through social media engagement.

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Vocus offers the following products:

Public Relations Suite –

Cision PR SoftwareThis software allows the user access a large database of journalists and bloggers therefore enabling the user to monitor the news and also what is happening in your social media sphere.

“Power Your Story!”

This information will help the user plan on their next move for their business to build brand awareness and track the coverage they receive across traditional and digital mediums.

Social Software –

Social Software CisionOn its own dedicated platform, Cision Inc has developed social ecosystem that will allow your business to engage, monitor and analyze all social aspects of your community.

This software searches for all the important posts and delivers the data to the user that will help them make informed decisions about their business depending on the behavior of the rival brands.

Take advantage of all the data available on the net, learn to mine and your business will flourish.

Government Relation Suite –

Government Based SoftwareRun a successful PR, PAC or grassroots campaign all from the same platform.

  1. Understand your audience
  2. Engage your advocates
  3. Communicate with legislators
  4. Track bills and votes

This software facilitates government relations by keeping in sight the legislatures being made in every state. It also enhances the management of government vital information like contacts.

Global Insights –

Global Insights CisionWhether you are in the technology, pharma, bio tech, banking or travel & hospitality, Cision’s global insights software has you covered.

Understand your campaigns deeper than your competitors and reap the rewards.

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Services offered by Cision.

  1. PR-Web – This helps the business to do an online press release. PR-Web publishes releases that are then distributed via various news sites and also available in search engine therefore the business benefit by releasing information directly to the public and customers. The service can be incorporated with PR software or it can come as service by itself
  2. Help a reporter out – This is a great service tailored to assist the journalists to know the sources of a certain item of news. This service can be bought through the Cision marketing suite or as a service by itself.

Cision’s services and products are basically tailored to help companies and business owners to acquire and retain customers and if you have a business that you want to boost Cision software maybe the solution for you.

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