Crowd Factory Review

Crowd Factory Review

Let the Crowd Help!

Crowd Factory is a software company that was founded in 2009 by Shaun Klopfenstein, Eric Kienle and Alexander Mouldovan.

Crowd Factory is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and is a SaaS-Based social marketing platform that enables businesses to connect with potential customers and simplifies promotions through web app based software.

Crowd factory was acquired by Marketing Automation firm (Marketo) in 2012 because the factory was an excellent lead generator potential, which has given Marketo an edge over its competition.

Crowd Factory Platform

The primary components of the platform include:

1. A complete suite of social networking apps, which include Social Sweepstakes, Contests, CrowdShare Widgets, social polls and voting, Flash Deals and Group Offers

2. Another component is the Social Database of marketing information which stores data in the background while the applications are running. Crowd Factory use this conversion analytics to develop a more efficient and optimized product.

3. The third component is a powerful analytics dashboard, which enables its customers to monitor what is working, giving the decision power back to the team so that they can test, refine and repeat the marketing programs.

Typically, the social amplifiers of the Crowd Factory work across all the online channels. This implies that the amplifiers even work with major social networks such as email, Facebook, display ads, landing pages among others.

Crowd Factory Review

Moreover, the Crowd Factory’s innovative applications make it easier for the variety of companies of different sizes to drastically double and increase their new customer acquisition, amplify awareness of the brand and drive brand loyalty and engagement.

Customers include HBO, The Golf Channel, McAfee and Sony, which are majorly B2C and B2B companies.

Primarily, Crowd Factory’s sole business is to provide a social campaign management platform that empowers marketers and businesses to do optimal social and word-of-mouth marketing using fact based data on what is or is not working.

Furthermore, Crowd Factory gives marketers access to its social campaign management platform to add social apps and messages quickly on every channel, including Twitter, landing pages, Facebook pages and LinkedIn feeds, websites, e-mails and banner ads.