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HootSuite is a social media management tool meant for making any persons or business social relationship easier. Invoke media launched this social management tool in 2008 since then it has positively influenced the way businesses manage their social media accounts.

HootSuite came into inception after Ryan Holmes saw the opportunity to create an improved social media experience for businesses and individuals as such. It has revolutionized the way businesses communicate by making the management of different social media accounts easier and less time consuming. This way it becomes easier to keep track of the many social channels that an individual or a company may have. Hootsuite has enabled the effective monitoring of what people are saying about a brand, thus help in responding instantly.

Users are able to view streams from several networks, for instance Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as well as post updates or reply directly. Given the varieties of networks available for individuals and companies to manage, such social media management tools have become so helpful hence popular among social media users.

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HootSuite comes with a variety of features that are available for its subscribers depending on the plan they choose. However, there is an always-free, but limits its users to work with only 5 profiles, which is fewer when compared to the pro version that has up to 50 profiles and offers more features.

On the other hand, the availability of the enterprise plan has enabled the availability of more features that enables subscribers to work with an unlimited number of social media profiles in addition to a multitude of team members.

As a social media dashboard, HootSuite has enabled the bridging of social listening and publishing tools. This focuses on the customer relationship management functions that are meant to take-off marketing campaigns, classify, as well as grow audiences, in addition to dispensing targeted messages through various channels.