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Radian 6 Review

Radian6 Review

Radian6 is a social media-monitoring tool that assists companies listen to what people are saying about their brand online. This knowledge helps these companies engage in those conversations across different social network platforms. It offers its users an end-to-end presence management tool, thus ensuring that no post is missed.

Radian6 gathers the discussions happening online, therefore enabling businesses to evaluate, manage, track, and understand their social media as well as engagement capabilities. This management tool has proved to be of much help to individual and larger businesses engaged in marketing, communications, and customer support. It provides a flexible dashboard that makes it easier for them to monitor all of their social media platforms with real time results.

With a powerful analysis widget, Radian6 is able to provide its users with the capability to discover influencers, monitor and track engagement, especially those that are having an influence on their social network.

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One attribute that makes this program stand above its competitors is its capability to capture data in real time, which is delivered to dashboard analysis widgets.

For those who new to social media, its user friendly user interface makes it easier to cover all forms of social media platforms. One of its greatest strengths is that it covers hundreds of millions of blogs and social media comments. On the other hand, it offers the capability of allowing assigning of online comments to relevant sections of the business such as customer service, sales, and marketing among others. Radian6 offers its users roles that enables a team define structure as well as d deploy the Radian6 platform in different levels depending on their responsibilities and needs.

Social listening has been there for long but there has never been that information transfer in the social media platform at any other time in the history social media management tools. The investment has beneficial for large corporations who understand that it is not an investment in the future, but in what is happening right now.