Shoutlet Review

Shoutlet Review

What is Shoutlet?

Have you ever heard of it? Shoutlet is a cloud-based social platform that comprises of marketers. The marketers have the ability to publish, measure and engage in social marketing campaigns and different activities on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare and YouTube.

Shoutlet is an enterprise-class platform that empowers brands to build real customer relationships that bring in value. Through its’ versatile data acquisition mechanisms, customer intuitions, and business acumen, Shoutlet has successfully helped more than 600 brands in more than 50 countries.

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The primary focus of Shoutlet is to quantify a return on social channels, incorporate social data into business and non-social data across the enterprise. Some great features of Shoutlet include tools for social CRM, social listening, workflow management, ads, contest design and execution.

In addition, it uses web analytics tools from IBM Digital Analytics, Webtrends, Google Analytics and Omniture. Its’ global presence works with wide, enterprise-class in need to deploy social marketing software to assist a variety of different brands, social engagements and promotions.

Since Shoutlet is a SaaS-based platform, it offers customers the full control and flexibility they need, as well as an accounts team that gives counsel to execute your social campaigns.

By using Shoutlet’s’ social ads tool, social marketers can now manage ads, schedules, link posts to many pages, calendars and quickly promote their posts. Integrated with Kenshoo Social, agencies and products can join paid media placements to boost their social campaigns.