The Synscapse Platform Review

Synscapse Review

A Simple Look At The Synscapse Platform – SMM

Synscape is basically a consulting company with great resources and impressive software offerings.

Some of their core services and technological capabilities include:

  1. The Performance Accellerator
  1. Strategy and Consulting
  1. Measurement and Analytics
  1. Collaboration and Workflow
  1. Social and Search Advertising
  1. Platform Success

The Synscapse platform is an enterprise software-as-a-service or SAAS application. It is designed to help any type of online marketer or business with a website.

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The platform offers a simple interface to help its customers better under and and plan their marketing and social media requirements.
They operate on all the major networks and social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and WordPress. With all these api links, Synscape ensures that it keeps up to date as these social networks update with a team of experts that conduct biweekly feature updates to the app.

With the worldwide team of technical experts in place, Syncapse Platform has indeed achieved success in training global social media teams on every aspect of their licensed services.

Training and implementation is specifically built to meet each customer’s needs and prerequisites, and included as an integral part of the entire technology license.

How Syncapse benefits social media campaigns

Once you are all trained up, you will be able to build, manage and measure your social media marketing campaigns from a single dashboard. The app has a the ability to help you manage multiple external and internal stakeholders such as creative, media and public relations agencies, content creators and SEO companies.
One of the popular features of the application is the Facebook geo-targeting process which allows your team to send targeted and relevant messages to potential customers in certain areas.

If you have a cafe in in the heart of New York and fans wishing a certain radius of your store, you have the ability to target ads towards those people and not your fans outside of that area. This allows your ad spend to be more efficient and drive a higher ROI.
Key features of the Platform

  1. Rich media publishing
    With the Syncapse Platform, you can easily publish any type of content such as video, images, text and flash with all owned social media sites, with a click.2. Customized workflow
    Apparently, you can always publish the right content to the right location, and at the right time scheduled. Additionally, it lets you allocate relevant permissions to your team members who are responsible for creating, editing, or approving the content before it gets published or submitted.

    3. Content library
    Maintain and organize a comprehensive library of pre-approved content that can be easily customized by audience/region, and then deployed to regional or local social media platforms. This saves significant amount of resources since the team members won’t be duplicating the already completed work.

    4. Influencer Identification and Sentiment Analysis
    Clearly identify the members of your audience who are likely to influence or purchase your services. Gain valuable insights on client sentiment around brands and products.

    5. Measurement
    In addition to the typical metrics, which integrates the number posts, fans, likes and engagements, campaign performance can absolutely be measured using several other parameters such as the following:
    – Earned Reach
    – Earned Engagement
    – Earned Media Value
    – Brand Favorability.