3 SEO Company Reviews: Search Metrics, Linkdex and Ontolo

Review for Searchmetrics, Linkdex and Ontolo
Review for Searchmetrics, Linkdex and Ontolo

1. Searchmetrics Suite – SEO

Searchmetrics is one the leading global providers of digital marketing software, search analytics, and SEO services even Searchmetrics Awards for the “Best SEO Software” for 2014 in the enterprise category.

They offer an interactive platform for SEO which gives a holistic consulting approach helping companies develop and execute smart digital marketing strategies.

Search Metrics SEO Suite

Search Metrics SEO Suite


The company was founded in 2005 by Markus Tober (Twitter Account), a graduate in computer science. He initially worked for a very competitive price comparison website before venturing into the SaaS space.

Marcus Tober - Searchmetrics

Marcus Tober – Searchmetrics

The main idea behind this website was to save time through automation and use data to gain advantage over similar competitors.

Markus’ focus was on automating SEO tasks like back-link analysis, website crawling, content optimization and rank tracking. These were manual tasks that varied everyday depending on the focus, from time to time he would spend days on menial tasks that didn’t warrant any benefit so there had to be a better way.

You can check out an interview with Marcus Tober Interview.

With this early experience and skills in SEO, Markus was well equipped with “how it could be automated” and this formed the driving force behind Searchmetrics.

Searchmetrics Suite is an ideal content and SEO marketing software that offers a platform for maximizing content ROI from online channels and it also deliver SEO services more efficiently.

They understand how to handle complex and result driven SEO at scale.Software continues to redefine the world we live in. Many companies are driving a growing proportion of revenue via their online channels. Searchmetrics is dedicated to providing innovative software services and they are focused on unifying SEO, PPC and social marketing strategies into software.

They harness the complexity of SEO and content marketing to generate results that drive ROI. Searchmetrics has received various awards. They were awarded the best in “IT innovation” for business software in 2015 and best in class for software.

They have also received other awards like UK search awards in 2012, European search awards in 2013, Adobe best technology partner in 2011 and many more. For more information about Searchmetric Suite, visit their website: http//:www.searchmetrics.com

2. Linkdex – Search Engine Optimization Software

Organic search is currently the dominant media for information on purchasing decisions available for consumers. It is even bigger than paid and social media. This opportunity should be planned and managed in a strategic way and thats where Linkdex comes in.

Linkdex is a privately owned, global business that is Venture Capital backed and has a phenomenal growth trajectory. They optimize all your SEO needs and are transforming organic search into a viable and sustainable media channel.

Linkdex the Software

Their platform has a wide collection of SEO tools including a rank tracker, keyword research tool, link-building features and even an SEO assistant. Their customers include firms like Razorfish, DigitasLBI, MEDIACOM and Burberry.

Linkdex Customers

Creating a new project

This software makes creating of a new project a very easy task. The business just have to list its website, URL of one of its competitors and up to a maximum of ten of its most important keywords. Linkdex will then gather links from the Majestic SEO, recrawl them then analyses them using all live links.

Customizable Dashboards

It offers fully customizable dashboards which varies with the user or user type. This allows the manager to see the ranking fluctuations whenever they log in. This happens while the marketing manager of a business sees all new links belonging to the competing websites. This will make it very easy to get this tool embedded within the business.

Lynkdex provides the foundation upon which its clients can successfully manage their SEO activities and maximizing delivery against the brand and acquisition goals. Linkdex platform include complimentary functionality that is integrated with software and data and is very wide ranging. Its tools can really transform a business SEO in a way like never before.

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3. Ontolo Software Review – SEO

Ontolo was formed in July of 2008 by Ben Wills. The purpose of the company is to build customizable, large scale link, SEO, and content marketing tools for consultants, teams and agencies. The founder Ben Wills and Co-founder Andrew Davidoff made it so that the number one focus and priority of Ontolo was their link building toolset.

Ontolo offers their services to agencies, professionals and individuals for a monthly free. They also do something most companies never do. Ontolo offers a small portion of their services on a monthly basis for free. If an individual wishes not to pay a monthly fee or just wishes to try out Ontolos services before investing in them they can get them for free and they will receive 25 instant prospect reports and weekly competitor reporting.

Now for those that want to jump right in the fees are quite reasonable. An agency that wishes to sign up will pay a monthly fee of $297 and receive 2500 Instant Prospect Reports, 50 Campaigns and 50,000 Nightly DB Prospects. A professional that signs up will pay $97 a month and receive 500 Instant Prospect Reports, 10 Campaigns and 10,000 Nightly DB Prospects. An individual or solo that signs up will pay $47 a month and receive 250 Prospect Reports, 10 Campaigns and Zero Nightly DB Prospects.

Ontolo includes many things in the Instant Prospector Data. This data includes url score, subdomain score, domain score, email addresses, contact url, twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, blog url, RSS url, advertising url, competitor links, the number of links to competitors, competitor domains and much more. The Nightly Prospecting DB Data includes contact information, emails, contact and advertising url, Facebook and twitter accounts, blog url, RSS feeds, page rank, SEOmoz, outbound links, qualification and acquisition statuses, tags, notes, url data and more.

As a business Ontolo also wants to help companies improve marketing and link building and they have developed 3 ways to do so. The first way is to speed up and focus the content marketing research. The second step is to spend less time finding who/where to promote content by identifying publishers and authors who link to your content. The third step is to quickly identify link building opportunities to round out your back link profile or promote specific pieces of content.

Finally, Ontolo has shown how to run an Instant Prospector Report in 5 quick and easy steps. Step one is to: Create the report name. Step two is: Define prospecting phrases. Step three is: Choose footprints template. Step four is: Choose a number of results to collect. Step five is to: Create your list of content, research, or link prospects. Following these steps produces a vast amount of organized results that will be helpful in any situation big or small.

Ontolo is doing great things for helping companies with large scale link building among other things. Agencies, professionals and soloists would be smart to take advantage of the opportunity that Onotolo is offering.