5 Unique Unica Products of IBM

IBM Unica Marketing Software

IBM: Unica Products

IBM is an abbreviation for International Business Machines Corporation. It is a dynamic company that deals in Information, Communication and Technology products, services and support. Their products include: systems, software and storage; while the services are as follows: training, outsourcing, business and global technology.

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Out of all the marketing software products, IBM Unica is one of a kind. This software has been incorporated into IBM as part of the EMM (Enterprise Marketing Management). Its major role is to enhance and maximize the efficiency of marketing across all channels. This spectacular tool is endowed with 5 unique yet powerful products for IBM, including:

1. eMessage:

This product is responsible for ensuring that messages are delivered correctly to the clients. It also provides an interactive interface for communication between customers and company. This product has a special feature of allowing both online and offline messaging.

2. Campaign:

This IBM Unica product allows for tracking, recycling and usage of building blocks for campaigns. It is the manager of all campaign logics and creates a rapport between customers and company.

3. Interact:

Allows the marketers to personally interact with clients in real time via web sites and call centers. Messages can also be personalized and delivered to clients instantly.

4. Insight of Customer:

It is now possible, with the help of this product, to maneuver through clients’ data without any technical hitches. Technical specialists can now watch at bay as users work at ease. The new interface allows for viewing of multiple programs.

5. Email Optimization:

This is the tool that enables users to customize their emails to suite their immediate needs and taste. The customer is able to figure out where the sent emails go, and whether they are blacklisted. This is the most efficient way to conduct digital marketing since one is able to find out whether their message is coveyed successfully or not. If most messages land in the spam box then the sender knows what step to take.