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Here at the Business Blox, our aim is to empower you to move, and we try to do this by giving you simple, actionable guides to get you going. Our WordPress guide is no different, by the end you with have a site live and running using BlueHost our preferred hosting provider.

Intro video

Welcome to our first video, in a series we’re making about how to get a website up and running on your blog hosting account using Word Press.

I’m going to cover everything you need , from what wordpress is, how to install it, how to actually use it and how to build a custom website. Now the best way to learn to put a wordpress website is just to dive in and do it.

In this videos we’re going to go through an example with which you can actually follow on. This is a real website and I made it and you can even visit with this link in this video. I’m going to show you step-by-step, click by click how to make this exact website but for the rest of this first video let’s just go over what wordpress is.

Well most people when they hear about a blogthey think about WordPress because that’s kinda how it started, out primarily as a blogging platform but today it is a full-blown content management system or CMS.

A content management system lets you build a website without having to know HTML or programming language. It is designed to take all the content you throw at it pictures, text, movies music, all that stuff and stitch it together into a website.

Word press is extremely popular as a content management system partly because its powerful but also because it’s really easy to use and one out of five people use it now to build a website and 14 percent existing web sites out there on the internet use it.

To use WordPress as a CMS you need a web hosting account on which to install, in other words you need space on a server somewhere to store all the files that make up your website so they’re available 24/7.

In the next video, we’re going to begin by installing more press on a blog hosting account.



How to install WordPress

Welcome to the second video in our series demonstrating how to make a WordPress website using your blue host  hosting account.

If you remember I’m showing you how to make this exact website, click by click, so as the first step well we need to install WordPress on a hosting account.

This is kinda like installing a program on your computer but instead of a program or installing WordPress and instead of your home computer were installing it on the servers here at the blue host headquarters.

So after we go to we’re gonna go to the top right where it says Control Panel login. Click on that, it’s gonna ask us for our primary domain name and password so we can log into account.

Once we log into our account you’ll be on your control panel or C-panel for short, now there’s a lot of tools on here and there are great we’re not going into a right now all we need is simple scripts.

Click on the simple scripts, it is our one-click installer tool for some of the most popular and great tools out there on the internet, then click on the category WordPress.

WordPress is not just a blogging platform like I mentioned in the last video its actually a full-blown content management system.

It’s easier to find so once you click that, its gonna ask you to install it, now click on the “one-click” install and it will ask a couple questions.

Once it’s done it’s going to present you with some information that you want to remember, right at the top here is the site URL that you click on that it’s gonna take it to the actual website that you just made.

Let’s try that now great open up a window and there’s my blog, “Just Another WordPress Site”, this is a template that WordPress uses just to fill up the space.

There is the login URL, this is the address you should use when you want it log into the website.

 It usually adds /wp-admin.php to the end of the address.

You’ll notice the username and password, these are things that you want to write down somewhere and remember. The password itself is highly secure and auto generated for you and you can always change it later and I’ll show you how to do that but he’s wanna stick with this password you can rest assured it’s it’s gonna be safe.

Click the login URL, it’s gonna open up another window prompting you for your username & password the same username and password that was on that previous window.

Now remember this is not the same as our Bluehost login information. Our Bluehost login information gets into our server where all those other tools are in the C-panel. This is login is what we use to log into our website itself to make changes.

This is the dashboard, this means that we were successful in installing WordPress.  This is where we’re gonna go to make all the changes to make our website.

If you need that login information again, simple scripts automatically send you an email with that information so if you ever lose it, just go check your inbox.

Now the next video we’re gonna go through more the tools involved with actually creating a website but for a first step were all installed and good to go.

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How to create a page


How to create a post


How to create a user


An overview of the Settins in wordpress


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How to edit an existing post


and the dashboard overview.