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Make the World More InBound!

HubSpot Founders

HubSpot was born out of a simple mismatch between retail reality and behind the eight-ball businesses.

We Need Something Better!

A vision for the InBound marketing experience was forged by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006.

Brian Halligan Dharmesh Shah

Utilizing both of their experiences in running mid-tiered companies and backgrounds in computer science, HubSpots’s marketing automation platform was strategically built to be the backbone and support for their InBound vision.

Make the World More InBound!

The platform allows any business to attract, engage and delight their customers through an inbound experience that is personalized, helpful and most important of all, relevant to them.

Brian, the now CEO and Dharmesh, the CTO have built the management foundation around proven entrepreneurs and the industry experts to cultivate the culture required to make a fortune 20 company.

Voted #1 for Customer Satisfaction in 2014

HubSpot InBound SoftwareVoted Numero Uno, #1 in customer satisfaction by VentureBeat  and G2Crowd (Hubspot Customer Satisfaction Winner) in 2014 in the Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation tool category, beating out Salesforce, Marketo, SAS and Eloqua.

Hubspot’s marketing platform was developed in 2006 and after 6 funding rounds and over $100 million dollars in venture capital (HubSpot Funding), Hubspot is becoming the Inbound giant that it was intended.

Hub spot was taken public and floated in October of 2014, it is now valued at $1.6 billion with its previous investors having done quite well out of the deal.

Some of the notable partners include CRV, Google Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Matrix, all having a distinguishable investment in the last year to date.

HubSpot InBound Marketing

Physically present in only a few countries but represented by over 75 different countires of users, Hubspot now has over 12,500 customers worldwide pulling in around $115 Million in revenue for financial year 2014 (Revenue Figures).

On their mission to:


Hubspot have shifted the push marketing or interruption marketing paradigm out the window and have focused on not only teaching small to medium enterprises how to market their products, but how to excel in marketing their products using what they coined, Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing: Your company XXX satisfying a customers intent to find a solution to a specific problem via a medium such as social media, question site like Quora, search engines like Google and Bing or any other medium.

Tweet This: “Customers only purchase solutions to their problems!”

Their software solution includes:

  • Social Media Publishing and Monitoring,
  • Integrated Blogging Platform,
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
  • Website Content Management,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Ability for Automated Marketing, and
  • Simple Reporting and Analytics

All wrapped up in a single, user friendly platform that their customers never have to leave.

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Compare HubSpot Plans

Hubspot customers also view the platform as a mini automated sales force bolted onto a SEO platform that takes the technical out of content management systems.

HubSpot Subscription and Pricing

They have positioned themselves in the market as the “Inbound Marketing” solution for small to medium businesses but from a pricing position, I believe they will best service companies with +50 employees because these are usually multi-million dollar businesses with a contact base of 1000 to 10,000, which places then in the $800 to $2400 per month plans.

Some may consider this a high price but when you calculate the single prices for separate software that is not integrated plus the time it takes to set up each option, your Hubspot investment wins every time.

Check out my review here on “Creating Your Own Hubspot Platform” (link).

So how does Hubspot rank against its competitors? – HubSpot’s March 2015 rank within Compete is 642 with roughly 3.1 million unique visitors just for the month. It peaked in February 2015 with 4.5 million uniques with an average over the last year around 2.3m views up from 1m in March of 2014.

This is a very impressive increase in traffic especially if you compare it to their fierce rival Eloqua, who maxed out at 1.5 million visits last December. You can see who’s more popular in the image below.

Hubspot Vs Eloqua Marketing Software


HubSpot’s Alexa Ranking

Alexa Ranking – HubSpot’s global rank as of May 2015 is 674 while their ranking in the U.S. is 581 with most of their visitors coming from the U.S., India and the United Kingdom.

Alexa Ranking and Hubspot

What is really interesting is the data around their user engagement (grabbed from Alexa). I think a testament to their lead capturing systems and their high quality blog, the bounce rate for the site is a super low 38% suggesting that they are targeting “the right” leads in the first place or their product awareness is already well established, driving already “warm” leads.

As well, I’m sure the page views per visitor and the conversion rates are closely analysed and optimised at HubSpot, 5.53 page views per visitor with over 9 minutes spent on average per visitor is a testament to their in depth blog and detailed lead gen reports.

Otherwise, the high averages could be users logged in on to their platform (just speculation).

Hubspot Marketing Visitors

Hubspot Facebook Fans – 744,000 fans as of May 2015.

Hubspot Twitter Followers – 492,000 with 57k tweets and over 7000 photos or videos tweeted.

Google search terms – 60,000 monthly searches for “HubSpot”.

Keyword Research Review for HubSpot

SEMRush review – You know a company is doing their SEO right when they rank for over 26,000 keywords, some in the +$100 CPC space with plenty of paid search as well. With almost 15,000 search terms on the rent page of Google (and Google alone) and 11k just in the position 11-20, using SEMRush you can find out all this juicy detail in a few clicks.

Check out my keyword research method here using SEMRush (link).

HubSpot SemRush Keyword Research


HubSpot Competitors

Hubspot competitors in the Marketing Automation industry include:

  • Infusion soft
  • IBM
  • Marketo
  • Eloqua
  • Act on Software
  • Pardot
  • Neolane
  • Manticore Technology
  • Teradata
  • Signal
  • Simplycast
  • Silverpop
  • Moonray – OfficeAutoPilot

Good luck!