Marketing Automation

What is marketing automation?

In a perfect world, all business processes can be automated.

You can create this marketing machine around your company that will drive strangers to leads to clients to promoters.

Then you wake up and realize that this perfect world, is quite a laborious and expensive one to achieve.

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software is basically a tool or platform that enables the end user to seamlessly integrate their:

Into the one workflow and achieve synergies that far outweigh dealing with all the separate systems by themselves.

Marketing Automation is 1 + 1 = 3

Marketing Automation Benefits


But you don’t care!

Sure the benefits are there but you have the time nor the resources to put together this system of magic.

That’s the reality of a few years ago, maybe 2009 when all the pieces marketing software on the market were niching down on doing one thing really well.

That’s how businesses like WordPress for blogging, SEMRush for SEO and keyword research, Hootsuite for social media publishing and Aweber for email were dominating their niches.

Today’s Reality

Now in 2015, it is almost time of saturation in the market where competition is high, there are plenty of amazing companies out there doing all the little bits of online marketing very well. But no one to bring it all together!

That’s where platform based marketing automation tools come into play and there are a few.

Scott Brinkler of ChiefMartec sums the ecosystem up nicely in his post about the 4 Topologies of integrated marketing  technology stacks.

The four stacks include:

  •  The Suite which is a single ecosystem for marketing, that your customers never have to leave. The suites include Hubspot, Oracle and Marketo).
  • The Platform allows third party integration’s directly into the main platform. These include Act-on, InfusionSoft and Salesforce.
  • The Multi-Platform is links all platforms to build the marketing automation solution.
  • The Bus system is more of a tag management system that links each platform and solution together. Adding a little bit more complexity companies like Tealium, Ensighten and Signal.


Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing Suite: The One Stop Shop

This ideal situation will suit many companies looking for a simple, integrated platform to perform all the necessary marketing processes. Lets take HubSpot for example, HubSpot was created out of the necessity for a platform to allow their InBound strategy to be fulfilled.

You simply learn the process of InBound marketing either online for free or with one of their consultants then you can log on and create you marketing funnel.

The client needs a simple platform where they focus on creating the content and hitting their goals and the marketing platform focuses on developing the best solution and platform.

Benefits of a Marketing Automation Ecosystem

  1. Simple and easy to set up,
  2. System in the Cloud,
  3. Automatic software updates,
  4. Training & strategies provided,
  5. Stable system and backups,
  6. Clean processes so you can focus on gaining leads.

Issues with a Single Platform

  1. The platform could become obsolete,
  2. Custom integration’s could be costly,
  3. Change applications could be high,
  4. Loss of data in one system could be costly,
  5. Monthly costs are high.

How can HubSpot help You?

Once you learn the HubSpot methodology to Attract, Convert, Close and Delight your customers check out how HubSpot can help you achieve all your marketing goals.