Campaign Management

Campaign Cloud WordsWhy use Campaign Management Software?

Top organizations use Campaign Management Software as a means of creating an automated follow up on customer requests for information, qualify specific leads, and uplift customer value to retain and win back clients.

Using online software, you can deliver personalized information to the targeted recipients. The software uses both simple and complicated marketing programs to design, execute, and assess communication across channels such as websites, direct mail, email, portals, and mobile devices.

Why then should you use Campaign Management Software for your organization?

Two main attributes of the software are essential to any organization. Software enables your organization to execute automated programs and create tailor-made multichannel experiences for your customers. The software will enable you to enjoy increased profits from measurable marketing programs.

This is realized by the software’s ability to pre-plan a series of communication responding to the actions of the recipient.

Top 5 CM Software Companies

There are a few market leaders already in this space and they include:


Raven ToolsRaven Tools Logo

The folks at Raven Tools offer an all-in-one platform for internet marketing. Business can use their software to conduct, monitor, research, and report on all issues about a campaign covering information form social media and other sources at once.

Check out the full Review for Raven Tools here…


Right on InteractiveRight On Interactive

This companies expertise is in analysis of the consumer life cycle. Their software enables the user to gather data, automate its campaigns, offer the scores for the profiles, and present the results graphically.


QubitQubit Logo

Qubit has A/B testing software that enables you to obtain optimally reliable results to facilitate real-time retailing. In a nutshell, its A/B testing software enables the retailer to target and personalize the marketing platform.



Compendium Logo

Compendium is basically a platform for content marketing. It enables you to create your company’s brand equity by placing enticing content across various channels in a cost effective manner. The minds of your targeted segment fetch the content from the various channels.


B-Kin LogoB-Kin

B-Kin acts to serve as your comprehensive view for all your marketing and sales activities. It therefore acts as your on-line communicating channel with your marketing leads and customers without the need for any on-line software.


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