Content Delivery Systems

Top 5 Content Discovery and Delivery Systems

Content Discovery Platforms

Marketing and reach issues are always there in the life of the social media marketer, its like pushing a rock up a hill.

Discover ContentIt doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger or a product owner, you’ll always be aiming to curate the best content possible and spread that content across the web so people get to know your product or service.

But how do business’s achieve this?

How can you find the best content possible?

Well you can start by setting your mind in an “investigator” mood, then when you truly know your target and your keywords then you can use some of these content discovery systems.

This software’s will give you the best recommendations in terms of content, helping your reach and engagement to grow your reach.

When you have the best content possible then you need to make it count, you need a lot of people seeing it.

You need their help to make your content visible.

There are a lot out there, in order for you to get started, we give here the top 5:


Outbrain Logo 1

This is a content discovery platform. With this tool you can reach new audiences by posting a recommendation link to your content on websites as CNN, ESPN and Slate, making a lot of traffic go to your website.



A content creation software, they make your content be shared in a cool and new way, the SmartGenies app will answer questions and deliver content in a way you never thought possible.




Idio LogoIdio

Also a content creation software, with this tool you can say goodbye to the irrelevant content. You get specific content brought to you by analyzing the profiles of your readers.



Zemanta Logo

This is a great tool for those costumers that don’t have access to a lot of analytics, you can check your content ads in an amplified and optimized way.


Docurated Logo

With docurated you can accelerate sales and marketing, you can discover thousands of marketing studies and analyze how this content has been re-used, shared and modified.


Look for them and try it now, let your knew experience in marketing begin.