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What are the options?

Arguably one of the most profitable means of marketing today, Email Marketing helps your business to get better return on investment.

One of the reasons for the overwhelming breakthrough of email marketing is because its audience is targeted.

A small business or marketer is able to control who exactly receives an email based on location, lead status or any other demographics.

In addition, the business benefits from massive brand awareness through sharing of company information.

Those who receive the email can simply forward the message to family, friends and colleagues. This way, subscribers become brand advocates.

Email marketing makes the success of your campaign measurable through analytics. All values are presented to you as a matter of figures in terms of delivery rates, click to deliver rates, open rates among other valuable metrics.

The business stands to gain a deeper insight of the clients through monitoring their interests and behavior.

Here is a great definition of what Email Markting is using some great innuendo.

Top 5 Email Marketing Software companies:


MailChimp LogoMailchimp is a software that is used to design and share email newsletters. Its intuitive user interface coupled with its ease of use makes it top notch software for effective and efficient marketing.


DotMailer Logo

This software finds its use in SMEs, big brands and some retailers because of its marketing automation feature. Dotmailer has a drag and drop interface and you also get to save complex blocks for later use.


iContact Logo

Businesses ranging from the newly started to the well-established will find this software indispensable in getting results. The software has plans for both small enterprises and the large corporates who send voluminous data.


Maropost Logo

Boasting of simplicity, this Email Marketing Software is fast and straight forward in how it works. Its on-demand marketing platform enables you to reach prospects and convert them into loyal customers.



V12 Group - LaunchpadPowered by acquisition data, this user friendly program is best suited for small clients because it does not have minimum requirements. The software offers more flexibility in making selection and allows for easy switch between postal and email lists with much ease.