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Mobile Marketing

Realistically, the modern marketer stands to gain huge returns from the use of Mobile Marketing Software. This software is becoming increasingly available which makes it convenient to use.

In addition, such software provides the tools and data that are indispensable for the marketer. From tracking the campaign metrics to uploading blog posts, this software lets the marketers have information at their fingertips.

You will be able to attain the goals of your marketing campaign through the use of simple interfaces and UI systems. These apps not only provide interfaces that are easy to use, but also provides for quick navigation.

More so, the marketer stands to gain insight into the performance of their campaign through reporting & being able to track several events starting with conversations with your contacts to data such as poll results and keyword responses.

Below are the top 5 companies and their Mobile Marketing Software:


Constant Contact LogoConstant contact

This software is an all-in-one solution allowing you to send emails conveniently to your prospects. Both large and small businesses to no-profit organizations utilize this software to create and grow their customer relationships.


Trumpia LogoTrumpia

With services such as email, IM, text, social networking and voice, this software is a marketer’s companion. Its unified portal which is easy to use means that you can poke your target audience from any angle.



Retailigence LogoRetailigence brings consumers and connects them with brick-and-mortar stores. In this era where commerce is driven by smartphone technology, this software enables you to make the sale.


Leading reach

Leading Reach Logo

This software is for those businesses that mainly use events to promote their brands. It provides an improved lead generation for all your events and promises to acquire and retain customers on digital channels.


SMS Mobile Marketing Platform

This marketing software enables you to expand your business and explore new markets. Additionally, this software gives you a mobile platform where you can do marketing, mobile advertising and content distribution.