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SEO seems to be the buzz word for the last few years and its an easy word to say but is it an easy word to implement?

Consistent, good quality content is a must in any industry if you want to stay alive online but how can we track what is good vs what is bad?

Organic search marketing software has been produced by many digital companies to help filter and rank web content. Information that people search, like and are ready to share with other people is the object here.

The software depends on search engines, referred traffic that comes from websites and blogs and the social networks like Facebook and other communities. The result is good content optimization, measurement and socialization of the content.

Why use organic search marketing software?

The software comes in different varieties and this is why their usage should be employed by many companies;

–  It secures top placement of the keywords in searches creates awareness to the public about content, products and services offered by the company. This expands the market share hence advantage over competitors.

–  Usage of the software leads to high returns on the investments made by companies in the long run.

Top 5  Search Marketing Products


This is software as a service company that sells the marketing software. The business focuses mostly on inbound marketing. It contains tools that determine whether a certain webpage is relevant.

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Moz Pro Subscription

Raven Tools

This focuses your search to one location to increase efficiency in searching. It is a good tool for marketers who want to include social media in their businesses. The tool is used for both search advertisement and organic search marketing.

You can see the latest info on what Raven is doing here.

Raven Tools Overview

 gShift Labs

It helps tracking SEO content in the market . It also ranks keywords and traffic of the organic data making the clients to get the content they search for easily.

Product overview is here.

gShift Labs


It provides marketing software for small businesses. Upcity is always on the first page of the organic search engine. There is no fluff on this since they hit straight to the point what you are looking for.

UpCity Offer



It only includes relevant backlinks. It is useful in increasing yours sites SEO (search engine optimization) rankings, analyzing the baklink profiles and evaluating the competition on the website. It is an easy tool to use and is super quite easy to understand.

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SEMRush View