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Social media monitoring Definition (SMM) is the active process of monitoring different channels of social media for certain keywords usually relating to a company, organization or product. The user generated data  is used to measure the volume and feelings regarding a brand or topic.

The tools are useful for businesses for a variety of reasons; business can use SMM to gain insights on their brand’s overall visibility on the internet and also they can measure the impact of marketing campaigns. The insights gained can be of great help to marketers.

Many businesses try and identify trends in their target market, perhaps identifying new areas of engagement with their customers. Businesses can now find out how their customers are discussing their organization or their products and are able to better guide the public’s perception and therefore increase sales.

Here are the top 5 SMM software programs available today.

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BrandWatch LogoBrandwatch is the top SMM software. Brandwatch allows customers to use simple interfaces to set up queries which search the internet through user related content for different combinations of keywords.

DigimindDigimind Logo

Digimind has many unique analytics that will help you provide meaning to the vast amounts of data available online. Like many other programs, Digimind can auto detect if a mention is positive or negative, although it’s not completely accurate.


Crimson HexagonCrimson Hexagon Logo

Crimson Hexagon allows users to “train” the program to deal with sentiment in the context of your brand or product’s place in the market. This helps the user get more specific and useful information.

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MentionMention Logo

Mention gives you an easy to use dashboard where you can customize the information shown to you. You can also mark how relevant the alert is to your company.

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Radian 6

Radian 6 Logo
Radian 6 offers a unique integration to the Salesforce marketing cloud program. This makes it much easier to turn the insights into actionable processes. Radian6 is an insight machine and you can check out the Radian 6 review here.