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Top 10 Social Media Tools

 Check out my version of the top social media tools for 2015 including links to reviews.

Buffer Logo SimpleBuffer – A Smarter Way to Share

Don’t waste time trying to figure out when the best time to engage with your audience. Use Buffer to figure this out then automatically schedule your posts to suit.

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Once you become part of their business, Buffer allows you customise your full weekly schedule of posts, for example if your audience is most active at 7am but you get to work at 8am, schedule your Buffer feed to engage them at the optimum time while your on your way to work.


IFTTT – Put the Internet To Work For You

IFTTT How to?

Are workflows an issue for you and your company? Are you bogged down in the little things that are many and simple but collectively take up hours of your time during the week?

“If This, Then That” is perfect for your business because it acts like little conveyors between pieces of software that complete tasks for you. For example, every time you add a image to instagram, you can create a “recipe” to add that image straight to your DropBox.

Or if you have a Buffer account, you can link your RSS feeds to automatically add this to your Buffer feed to keep your Fans up to date.

Simple LogoHootsuite – Get Serious About Social

Talk about your all in one social media dashboard, Hootsuite is an amazing tool for any business. Whether you have a marketing budget $15k or $500k, this software allows you to manage all your social media accounts and content distribution.

I have a full company review here, please check it out…

Here’s a snapshot of Hootsuite’s armoury:

  1. The main integrated platform
  2. The app directory – Link apps in Hootsuite
  3. Their share anything hootlet
  4. Professional services and a university

Hootsuite definitely take the nuts when it comes to a fully immersive business model with equity in the products, services and education space, I think we will see them around for a while longer yet.

Check out the current hootsuite plans here…


Sprout Social LogoSprout Social – Management & Engagement Platform

There are a few Social Media management platforms out there now bu duly noted, Sprout social is one of these and is a direct competitor to Hootsuite with a couple of really cool differences.

First one is what they call the “Unified Inbox” where all your social media feeds will be directed into the one inbox, so there is no logging in and out of networks to achieve the one goal, better Engagement.

Secondly, customer service (CS) is a bit easier now with SproutScoial’s customisible customer history logs which is amazing if you need to personalise all your customer answers with context and history of issues.

They go for a different model to Hootsuite here with a 30 day free trial then paid subscription starting at $59 per month and you can check out the other details here.


Pagemodo LogoPagemodo – Powerful Social  Media Presence

Some of these applications are obviously biased towards a particular platform and Pagemodo is no different, this time to Facebook.

With a freemium trial, you can login and explore the application to find out that they are focused on the following:

  1. Cover Photos Creation
  2. Engaging Contests & Sweeps
  3. Custom Tabs
  4. Interactive Post Designer
  5. Scheduled Posts

With some special deals, you might get Pagemodo for a steal. At the current 60% off offer, you can start on the basic plan for $3.60 per month or lock in for a year at $2.50 per month.


TweetDeck Logo

TweetDeck – Real Time Twitter Management

Being a natural integration into Twitter, TweetDeck is owned by the parent and allows you to deep dive into the platform with scheduled tweets, custom built timelines, list tracking and multi-account management.

All you need is your existing account information and an empty wallet because this app is free for all to utilise. Use the dashboard to manage notifications, messages, activity and mentions. Filter the required data and even set up alerts.

TweetDeck is available across all browsers on Mac, Windows and even the Chrome Apps. All this to decipher the impact of your Tweets and enable your learning’s to create more efficient, engaging Tweets.


Raven ToolsRaven Tools – Do it All!

The all in one tool for agencies or smaller companies, Raven Tools is a solutions minigun with SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing and Pay Per Click Tools that will make your head spin with opportunities if you’re a small digital agency, looking to add value.

  1. Custom Branding if you service others or for your own gratification.
  2. Campaign management for unlimited accounts.
  3. Team & task collaboration across the globe.
  4. Authorised Google integrations and analysis.
  5. Business Development for prospective clients.
  6. Free support from their dedicated, quirky team.

Also with a resource base to boot, Raven Tools is like an hands on, online university at a cheaper price.


SocialBro LogoSocial Bro – The #1 Marketing Platform for Twitter

Strap a rocket to your Twitter account and search, segment, target and deliver the most efficient Tweets possible. Starting at an amazing price of free, SocialBro is a Twitter certified program which will give you confidence of stability and trust for your marketing.

Four main features –

  1. Targeting platform for opportunity identification.
  2. Engagement data to calculate when to post and interact.
  3. Analytics to find out when the best time is to tweet based on your followers.
  4. Management to manage the detailed insights from ScoailBro.

This software is for everyone, from your individual personal brand all the way up to your enterprise or agency. Having raised over a million euros in their Series A round, SocialBro is here to stay a bit longer.


EveryPostEveryPost – Control Social Posts Anywhere

If you’re a business with multiple social accounts then I can imagine you get sick and tired of posting in Facebook, then logging in to Twitter, shortening the tweet to suit then getting a decent photo to add to Pinterest etc. Everypost makes this super easy with a simple and reliable app.

Its easy just Curate, Customize, Schedule then Publish.

Everypost allows you to post to all network from your phone or browser from the same application, this allows you to manage and curate relevant and platform suitable content for your audience on the go. They also have a very informative blog with great tips and trips on how you can add some prowess to your social media arsenal.



BuzzSumo – Find the Most Shared Content

At its heart, BuzzSumo is a market research tool which allows you to deep dive on content all around the internet to enable you to find the most engaging content out there. BuzzSumo crawls the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to show you what content has gone viral.

With these four, powerful features how can you use any other software:

  1. Content Insights – Through a google style search bar, explore social networks for their most popular content.
  2. Influencer Search – Get the lowdown on who your niche influencers are and reach out.
  3. Alerts – Type in a term and Buzzsumo will tell when something related to that is published.
  4. Competitor Analysis – Check out where your competitors are getting PR.

Finish this with exporting and analyst style reports, BuzzSumo is your one stop shop for content research.